Three Steps for College Success

Three Steps for College Success - JJB Education
Did you know only 37% of students with learning differences graduate from college?

There are some very important steps to take in order to ensure your student’s success. Having all of your questions answered allows you and your student to feel comfortable and confident matriculating. That is why our success rate is at 95%.

1. Is there a professional learning specialist on staff in the disability office? There are fantastic support programs that employ trained professionals not only tutor your students but help them cope with their learning differences. Some colleges will use a dean of students, and peer tutors to work with your child. Many of our students require professional assistance from a trained professional.

2. How often can students access hands-on services? Some students require help on a regular basis. Knowing your child can be seen when needed is imperative to their academic success. The last thing students want is to seek help and be turned away. Our students are offered the proper amount of services to allow them to find success.

3. Be realistic about the gaps in your child’s learning profile. Can the college they attend fill in those gaps? All the students we see have many strengths but also areas of deficit. Assessing areas of limitation allows you to seek the support needed. The number one reason we see students struggle in college is due to poor executive functioning skills. Many colleges offer help in this area and it is our job to help our families find them.

JJB Educational Consultants Inc. provides college placement services for students with learning differences. Our clients have learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injuries and developmental delays. With over 20 years of experience we have a 100% success rate placing college-bound students with learning differences in college! See our website for upcoming presentations in your area: