Executive Functioning Coaching

What is Executive Functioning?
Executive Functioning is a set of organizational skills; more specifically planning, prioritizing, initiating tasks, and sustaining goal-oriented actions. Many students with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and Executive Functioning Disorder need to learn these skills rather than being born with them. Good news is… these skills are teachable!

How do I know if my student needs an executive functioning coach?
Many families call us and discuss “symptoms” such as; lack of homework completion, students losing completed homework without turning it in, morning routine struggles, disengaging at school and at home, trouble with sustained motivation, and follow through with both academic and familial responsibilities.

JJB Educational Consultants - Executive Functioning Coaching - Struggling with Homework
JJB Educational Consultants - Executive Functioning Coaching - Technology

What can I expect…
Our goal is to learn about your student’s specific struggles. We then utilize short-term and long-term goals as well as assistive technology tools to help our students gain the structure and directives to achieve those objectives.

Meeting one-on-one with students helps them realize this is their individualized plan they help create based on our initial meeting with their parents as well as further conversations during our sessions. Because they are “steering the ship” with our support, we are able to help them reach their potential by having them create goal-oriented actions that will lead them to success.

JJB Educational Consultants - Executive Functioning Coaching - Technology

How long does it take to see results?
There is no specific amount of time in which we guarantee improvement. Every student starts at a different place and it is important we meet them where they are rather than pushing them to fit into a rigid program. Some of our students have improved after a month while others take much longer.

It is also important to understand this is a process of learning skills, implementing and sustaining them. Some students are very engaged and learn quickly but struggle to become proficient. We tell our students that we are simply teaching them good habits and skills but it takes six months of sustained success for them to become intuitive.

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