Four Ways to Tour Colleges at Home

Four Ways to Tour Colleges at Home- JJB Consultants
As we continue to help our students learn about colleges from home, we would like to share some tips that could help your students.

Virtual Tours

  • Live virtual events are often posted on colleges admissions webpages.
  • Can’t make the live one? Register anyway and you can get a recorded copy.

Learn about campus life

  • Follow colleges’ social media. Many schools post regularly so you can see what students are up to.
  • Not only should you follow the school’s social media page but if you like sports, follow theirs, if you want to join a specific club, follow theirs.

Learn about the academics

  • Core Curriculums are posted on school websites and can give you insight into the courses you will be required to take (Speech, Religion, Math, English, etc.).
  • Major requirements are also listed. If you know or think you know, what you would like to major in, check those out as well.

Check out housing options

  • Now, Jill and I always tell our students that if you pick a college because they have nice dorms, that we have failed them. But maybe you want gender-neutral bathrooms or need special accommodations for allergies, a support animal, etc. They are not offered at every college in the same way.

If you are concerned or would like assistance with college planning for your student please feel free to reach out to us and we can find a time to discuss if we are a good fit for your student.

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