Is Your Student Sick of Taking Traditional High School Courses?

Student Sick of Taking Traditional High School Courses - JJB Consultants
Did you know some colleges don’t have required courses?

Many families and students are shocked when we tell them about the open curriculum offered in undergraduate programs. An open curriculum is one in which students have the flexibility to take courses they are interested in without the limitation of requirements.

Here are some examples…

Amherst College: This school’s curriculum requires one freshman course and for students to complete the requirements for their major. Beyond that, students can take whatever they would like. They may even design their own course.

Brown University: Well known as an open curriculum school with the only requirement is a writing class. Students then can take any course and design their own courses.

Grinnell College: Students at Grinnell work with an advisor to not only pick classes but design their own curricula rather than picking a major. There is a required course for first-year students including Songs of Hope, Words, and Guitar, or even a history course called Stuff.

Hampshire College: Similar to the others, students at Hampshire can create their own major, design their curriculum in order to define what they would like to experience academically in college.

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