Happy Application Season Seniors!

Happy Application Season Seniors! - JJB Educational Consultants
College applications can be anxiety-provoking for students as they harp over every word put into applications. Here are some helpful tips for students to remember as they fill out their applications and write their essays.
  • There are no trick questions! Colleges are asking you these questions because they want to learn about you. Don’t overthink it and be your authentic self.
  • Your personal statement doesn’t need to be 1,000 words or life-altering. When we work with students, we share some essays that our students have written in the past. They are amazed at the length (usually getting a “this is it?”) comment. This is the students’ chance to share something different, exciting, or unique about themselves.
  • Start Early! We always send out reminders to students to get started if they are free over the summer. Many of our students have nearly completed all of their applications and can now focus on doing well senior year. Our students even have some acceptances in their back pocket already!
  • Be organized for your long-term project. This is the main struggle for many of our students. We encourage our students to meet with us once a week to work on applications to complete them without excessive anxiety due to a time crunch. Make the time to work on essays and applications regularly, and you will be happy that you did!
  • Check your social media privacy settings. Colleges are getting very savvy, and if they are looking at an application of a student that might get accepted but is on the border, they will look at their social media pages to see whom they follow and what they post. Be sure to make your pages and account private when possible, be smart with your posts, and remember… Posts don’t go away.

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