Standing In The Quad? Now What?

Standing In The Quad? Now What? - JJB Education

How To Get The Most Out Of A College Visit

  1. Learn about the college before you visit
    Ask questions that give you further insight into the information provided online.
  2. Bring a camera, phone, and notepad
    Having a camera or phone allows you to take pictures of the campuses while a notepad (digital or paper), allows you to take notes!
  3. Let the college admissions office know you are there!
    That helps with student’s acceptances!
  4. Talk with current students
    We help our clients develop a couple of questions that they would like answered by students so they don’t need to come up with them on the spot.
  5. Walk around campus
    Every college provides student-lead tours which are not only a great chance to check off #4 but it allows students to see the academic buildings, student center, library, dorms etc.
  6. Sit in on a class
    This is a great opportunity to see if large format lecture classes are engaging enough for students.
  7. Hang out where the students are
    Do you see kids like you? Get brave and talk to some!
  8. Check out those flashy flyers
    Looking at these flyers allows you to see the interests of students at various campuses.
  9. Set up a meeting with an academic faculty
    Meeting with a faculty member allows students to get a more detailed understanding of the specific curriculum of any major.
  10. Note and picture overload!
    Remember #2?! Be sure to organize your pictures and notes when you get home!
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