Need a Break from Classes After High School? Consider a Gap Year

Need a Break from Classes After High School? Consider a Gap Year - JJB Education
Many parents come to us and cringe when we mention gap year options for their son or daughter. Here are some myths and benefits for students who decide to take a gap year:


  • Gap years are unstructured and allow kids to sit on Youtube, play video games, and hang out.
  • Gap years are expensive and the return on the investment is limited.
  • Gap years are domestic or international vacations.


  • A gap year program is extremely structured to allow students time to look inward, develop a stronger sense of self, and pursue an interest in-depth.
  • Gap years can be expensive, but they don’t need to be. There are gap year options that are less expensive than college and still provide students with college credits. Students can even earn money during a gap year by obtaining a job. Some colleges will provide students more scholarship opportunities if they take a gap year.
  • Gap year programs are available all over the world. But, they are not vacations. Students are developing foreign language skills, providing community service, connecting with themselves, and developing their own goals. Sure, these programs allow students to have fun but personal growth and skill development are inherent as well.
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