How to Make a Smooth Transition to College

How to Make a Smooth Transition to College - JJB Education

As many students are enjoying their last summer before college, it is really important that they start thinking about the excitement and anxiety of transitioning to college. It is a huge step! Here are some things to discuss with your student to ensure they have as smooth of a transition as possible.

1. Go to class and go for help!

If students do these two things, they will be academically successful. Our students know that the support at the college they are attending has the proper amount of support for them to be successful.

2. Join a couple clubs!

Joining clubs allows students to find people with similar interests, and likely people your students would be friends with. Just because students go to a club once or twice doesn’t mean they need to be a member. Test drive a few.

3. Set rules and boundaries with your roommate!

For many students, this is the first time they will have a roommate. Talking to your roommate about pet peeves, sleep hygiene schedule and dorm room rules will allow them to start off understanding each other.

4. Get your shower shoes!

Many students don’t know what shared bathrooms are all about. Athletes’ feet are alive and well in some college dorm showers. Shower sandals are key to avoid that dreaded itch that spreads easily.

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