Fall is Waiting Time

Fall is Waiting Time - JJB Educational Consultants
Happy Fall, Everyone!

Along with fall comes daylight savings, turning of the leaves, and of course, college applications.

College applications can be stressful for students who are worried about application deadlines or even for the students who have submitted applications and are now waiting to see what schools want them.

Here are some tips for students who have submitted their applications and are anxiously waiting for the admission decisions:

  • Be confident in your choices to apply to a school. As we work with students, we make sure they understand that they need to focus on what they enjoy about specific schools, and it is our job to worry about their admissibility to the school.
  • Read the instructions that pop up after submitting an application. After submitting many applications, there is important information that pops up informing you of how they will communicate with you. This can be via email or, more commonly now, through a portal specific to each school, which you will get access to through your email. Yet another reason for students MUST become more vigilant with checking their emails!
  • Communicate with your admissions counselor at each school. Many colleges look forward to connecting with potential applicants during this period. This is an excellent opportunity for students to put a face to the name on the application and build a rapport with the admissions counselor reading their application. If students have any questions, we always encourage them to reach out!
  • Focus on school. You are still a student! I know it is difficult, but schoolwork can be a great distraction from the potential internal dialogue around “I hope I get in.” Keep kicking butt in school. It matters!
  • Complete disability support applications. While this is a school specific process, many schools would like students to apply to their disability support program in conjunction with or immediately after completing the school’s application while others want students to wait until they decide to attend. Be sure to ask each school what their policy is.

JJB Educational Consultants Inc. provides college placement services for students with learning differences. Our clients have learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injuries and developmental delays. With over 20 years of experience we have a 100% success rate placing college-bound students with learning differences in college! See our website for upcoming presentations in your area: www.jjb-edconsultants.com