College Placement

College Placement

High School Planning and Support

  • Recommend course selection based on student’s interest and ability. Students should be challenged but not overwhelmed.
  • Suggest appropriate extracurriculars in which our students profess interest.
  • Discuss learning support options. Student’s needs will dictate the level of support needed.
  • Assess independent living skills. Some students struggle with hygiene, morning routines and medication compliance.
  • Examine psycho-educational testing to learn of student’s strengths and struggles.
  • Ensure psycho-educational testing will be accepted by colleges. Partial testing is not sufficient for many colleges.
  • Provide summer options. There are great academic and non-academic options both domestically and internationally.

College Testing

  • Plan for ACT/SAT tests and test prep. Providing appropriate time between test dates often leads to high test scores.
  • Provide referrals for test preparation. There are many get ACT tutors with varying styles. Finding the right person is essential.

College Selection

  • Review student transcripts. We understand the nuances of transcripts that are looked at by college admission staff.
  • Prepare targeted list of appropriate college matches. We provide a range of schools to ensure our clients have schools varying in admission selectivity.
  • Assist with college visit timeline to allow our clients to learn about their priorities when picking a college.
  • Prepare for effective college visits. Our clients are prepped with valuable questions to ask both admissions staff and student tour guides.
  • We continually refine targeted list of colleges based on student visits.
  • Discuss academic and non-academic gap year options.

Application and Decision Process

  • Hands-on brainstorming for writing application essays. Finding the right topic that illustrates a passion or strong character trait is imperative.
  • Hands-on editing on all application essays. Many of our students have great ideas but struggle with grammar. We can help!
  • Hands-on help for all application work. Applications are detail oriented and we manage that for our students.
  • Review of different application options. We inform families of the varying application platforms and manage deadlines.
  • Manage teacher recommendations. We help our clients pick teachers to ask to write recommendations for as well as prompt them to request them.
  • Unlimited meetings with consultants for our students. Our students often complete all applications and essays one-on-one with us.
  • Submission of all standardized test scores (ACT)
  • Complete applications for disability service. Many schools have supplemental applications for their support program.
  • Submission of transcripts
  • Submission of psycho-educational testing varies based on both students and college guidelines. We inform our families about the options.
  • Facilitate college decision process with students and families. It’s a big decision that we help our families make. We make recommendations, not decisions.

College Transition

  • Transition planning (summer before student attends college). We discuss varying topics such as learning support, social life and any anxieties our student’s express.
  • Email check-ins to ensure a smooth transition to college. We love to stay engaged with our students and, if needed, can help them get connected with on-campus support.