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About Us

jjb picJill Burstein

Jill Burstein has worked in the field of special education for over 40 years. She is a Certified Educational Planner, the highest accreditation for Independent Educational Consultants.

As she worked at the university level, many of her students were transfers whose colleges did not offer them the level of support necessary for academic success. As Jill began to investigate colleges for her own son with learning disabilities, she realized the information could be shared with other families who had students with learning issues.

More and more students are entering college and schools are offering quality services for students with learning differences. The challenge is to find the institution that best serves the needs of my students. My mission is to assist families in finding that school that best matches the student’s needs.

Jordan Burstein

Jordan Burstein serves elementary and high school students with learning differences. His goal is to help students who may need intervention find success in the student’s current school or find a more appropriate fit for the struggling learner. Jordan has a BA in Psychology and has personal experience dealing with learning disabilities, ADHD and previously struggling in school. Jordan brings a vast understanding into a situation where students may feel alone and marginalized. Previous to joining the practice, Jordan worked as a Mental Health Specialist. He has also has worked as an academic mentor for college students at risk. This includes students with learning differences, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. As a mentor, Jordan led students to become more organized in both academia and thrive in a social setting.

Jordan resides in Chicago and grew up on the North Shore of Chicago. He attended Deerfield High School, Landmark College and Roosevelt University. He is a member of CHADD and the Learning Disability Association of America. Jordan completed the Summer Institute for independent educational consultants through IECA, the only accrediting organization for independent consultants. Jordan has visited many boarding schools and colleges for students with learning differences, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. These visits provided Jordan an understanding of the programs and allow him to find the best fit for your student.